Recommendations for Delivering and Measuring Customer Service, 2nd Edition

"As a student and teacher of the subject, this is the finest book on customer service I've ever read. Why? It's so practical, so down to earth--beautifully bridging theory and principles with techniques and practices. A literal treasure trove of doable ideas!"
-- Stephen R. Covey
Author, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and
The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness

A guide that every business owner should consider required reading
Without customers, business is doomed to failure. "Delivering and Measuring Customer Service, 2nd Edition" is a complete and comprehensive guide for business owners who want to deliver these valuable people the best service possible. Looking at the evolution of customer service through recent history, "Delivering and Measuring Customer Service" discusses such matters as getting accurate feedback on how one's business is doing, and how best to use that feedback effectively, along with many more general tips. A guide that every business owner should consider required reading, "Delivering and Measuring Customer Service" is highly recommended for community library business collections.

Finally a book that balances insight with simplicity
I loved this book. Typically I'm pretty critical of business books, but this kept me engaged with great humor, logic, and insight. In my opinion this is a no-brainer buy for any business with customer service or support teams.

A Must Read Book for Business Leaders
Finally a book that is engaging, helpful and insightful on customer service. This book takes away the mystery and simplifies the process in an understandable way while providing a good dose of humor to instill the message. Every business leader should have this book on their desk.

Must Read for Anyone Wanting to Improve Customer Service
Anyone who is interested in understanding the role of gathering and using guest feedback needs to read this book. There is no other book that so clearly outlines the need for customer service and the actual methods and measurments on how to get it, and then how to improve your operation based on the feedback.

Don't just get customers. Keep them!
Businesses often focus their efforts on getting customers. The mantra of the day is sell, sell, sell. Mr. Hanks' book is a valuable reminder that while selling gets the ball rolling, it is customer service that keeps the customers coming back for more. That is the bloodline of most successful enterprises. I especially enjoyed the lesson taught on the importance of measuring the actual customer experience versus the less-reliable and less-effective techniques of internal auditing and mystery shopping. Rather than guessing what the customer experiences, why not just ask the customer directly? I would highly recommend this book to any professional who has to keep customers satisfied for a living and wants to find new and better ways of doing so.


"If you are interested in customer service this is must reading. If you are not, this will convert you now. Useful, applicable, and fun. I learned a lot."
-- William R. Tiefel
Chairman, CarMax, Inc.
Chairman Emeritus, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, LLC


"A commitment to Delivering and Measuring Customer Service, 2nd Edition is the hallmark of truly great companies. Rich Hanks has captured the heart of that commitment with his down-to-earth writing style. This book is full of actionable insights that can be put into practice today."
-- Nolan D. Archibald
Chairman and CEO, Black & Decker


"JetBlue isn't in the aviation business; we're in the customer service business. People ask us where we get our innovative service ideas and the answer is simple, our customers tell us what they want, and we deliver. That is what Hanks' book is all about."
-- David Neeleman
Founder and Former Chairman, JetBlue Airways


"Fulfilling the expectations of customers -- past, present, and future -- is a key to profitable innovation. This book coaches corporate leaders, not only on 'why,' but 'how' to do that."
-- Clayton M. Christensen
Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School
Author, The Innovator's Dilemma


"It's refreshing to read a business book that is both relevant and entertaining. The techniques you share have been proven to not only build sales, but also create loyal followers that are faithful to a brand. The days of actually listening, learning and responding to customers are back!"
-- John D. Barr
CEO, Papa Murphy's International


"This is a great book. It is packed full of relevant and fun insights. Rich Hanks also communicates these tried and tested principles in a way that instantly strikes a chord with operators. Well done!"
-- Bob Nilsen
CEO, Cafe Rio
Former President, Burger King


"This book is the standard for every executive dedicated to continuously improving their operations, and a must read for everyone in the organization. Hanks provides the reader with a little bit of theory, a large amount of relevant, real world solutions, and a dose of humor."
-- Robert H. Garff
Chairman and CEO, Garff Enterprises
Chair, Salt Lake Olympic Organizing Committee


"It's easy to talk about superior customer service - it is another thing to consistently deliver it. This book hits the nail on the head when it positions measurement of the actual customer experience as the driving force behind operations improvement. We've seen it work in our company."
-- Ken Cole
President and CEO, Quaker Steak and Lube
Former President and CEO, Sizzler USA


"A tremendously valuable tool for any executive who is clearly devoted to raising the quality of the customer experience and enhancing customer delight. We've seen the positive results of utilizing the principles taught in this exciting book and recommend them highly."
-- Larry J. Magee
Chairman and CEO, Bridgestone Firestone Retail

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